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Hard Floor Cleaning

If you are looking for a professional hard floor cleaning in Vancouver, then look no further. Our floor cleaning specialists are dedicated to quality of service and reliability. Why go to the expense of replacing your floor when you can get it restored for a fraction of the price? Whether you are remodelling or renovating your house, hard floors are likely to be the centre of attraction in any property. Save time and money by deducting the cost of cleaning hard floors by hiring a professional floor cleaning company to do the job for you. The hard floor cleaners use the latest cleaning and restoration products and techniques, ensuring minimum disruption and maximum the benefit. HKN Cleaning company uses the best polishes to produce a combination of a high gloss finish with good slip resistance to treat all your hard floors. We have over many years experience and polishing service and maintaining a variety of floor surfaces including vinyl, marble, Terrazzo, Wood, Stone and other synthetic floor coverings.

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