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         Commercial Cleaning


HKN Cleaning Service is an experienced and accredited commercial cleaning services provider in British Columbia. However large or small your business, we know just how important a clean and tidy working environment is to the happiness and productivity of staff. Our commercial cleaners are experienced in cleaning of all sizes of buildings as offices, Shops, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Restaurants, Warehouses, Factories, Nightclubs, Bars, Music Halls, Theaters, Transport, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Cinemas,Gyms, Studios, Health Centres and many more. We cover many sectors including education, transport, industrial cleaning, retail, sports and leisure, General Office, Commercial window cleaning, block management and communal areas, etc. A clean environment portrays a professional image. Having a clean and hygienic environment can help the company protect and enhance its professional image. It also contributes to staff's enjoyment and efficiency.

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